How are you compensated?

We are primarily a fee-based investment firm. You pay as you go. There are no upfront fees or penalties for withdrawals. We can provide planning and investment advice for a fee without requiring asset management. Most insurance solutions are still commission based. We would receive commissions in those instances.

How do you manage risk?

We use a process where we measure your tolerance for risk based on a risk questionnaire. That is standard in the industry. We are then able to construct portfolios around this risk score and discuss the risk-benefit associated with the portfolio. We also use Strategists that can incorporate other risk reduction methods into the portfolio. We can easily adjust the investments to change the strategy as necessary, always done with your approval.

Tell me how you will interact with me and what I should expect in the way of services from your firm?

When we engage in an investment contract, we will decide the frequency of your communications and reviews. An annual review is mandatory to update information and monitor for any changes in your personal situation. We are available for ZOOM meetings and telephone conferences at your request through our online scheduler. We will also reach out if there is a significant event in the market. We have a Facebook page for new informational content and planning ideas that we stream, and you may also participate in content that we send out intermittently. We will also schedule meetings outside the typical business day with an appointment.

Will you provide a written agreement outlining services and fees?


Does the adviser take custody of, or have access, your assets?

No. Our client's assets are held in a brokerage account at either Pershing, TD Ameritrade or Fidelity. Some assets may be held directly with a fund company or insurance company. We will request permission to allow us to authorize a distribution of funds for you, but any funds disbursed would be directed to your bank account or a check mailed directly to your home.

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